When you’re making decisions about charitable giving, consider this: Unirondack changes lives. Our campers tell us again and again that their lives are transformed at Unirondack. Our carefully selected and professionally trained staff creates a community where the principles we believe in as UUs come to life. Campers say they feel cherished and accepted in a way that enables them to feel good about expressing themselves and being who they are. They tell us that camp has been one of the most important influences in guiding them to become responsible citizens. Supporting Unirondack financially is one of the most grassroots ways to help create the next generation of socially responsible adults.

Beyond putting into action the idealism of Unitarian Universalism, children and adults have fun at Unirondack. They learn and play in the Adirondack wilderness. They make friends they keep their entire lives. Many tell us that Unirondack is their second home.

Supporting Unirondack means supporting important, often neglected connections—connections to a close-knit community and connections to the natural world.

Your donations to Unirondack are tax deductible.

Wish List Items Camp Needs:

These are items that aren’t high enough priority to make it into our operating budget every year but that would help us greatly. Alternatively, they may be too expensive for us to pay for right now. So here’s a list of things we’re on the lookout for. If you see a great deal and would like to buy one of these items for camp, we would really appreciate it and can give you a donation receipt for the value of the item donated upon request. Used items are absolutely welcome as long as they are in good shape! Please note: items at camp get used hard so we usually go with higher-end, durable, products. Reality is, cheap things don’t last at camp! The links provided are just for an example and not necessarily the exact item we need if you have one that is close!

To make your donation by check mail to:

P.O. Box 7880
New York, NY 10116

What are donations used for?

You can choose where your donation goes:
CAMPERSHIPS to support our commitment that no camper be turned away on the basis of financial need
CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS to maintain and update our beloved facility
FOUNDATION DRIVE to ensure that Unirondack has a solid fund reserve for year’s to come