For those who can’t commit to working a full summer at camp we do have volunteer opportunities. There are many different capacities in which you can volunteer. All volunteers are given a volunteer orientation and are expected to uphold our professional and community standards while at camp. We ask that you read about the different ways in which you can volunteer and fill out the Volunteer Application at the bottom of this page which we use for background information and scheduling purposes!

Intersession Weekend Coverage (2-3 days):

For staff alumni, come spend a weekend at camp and offer light programming and supervision for our intersession campers. This may include offering field games, supervising during meals, watching a movie with the campers, and doing arts and crafts. Coverage begins at noon on Saturdays and ends at 2pm on Sunday. Intersession volunteers are encouraged to come up to camp on Friday nights to enjoy the Friday camp activities and are also welcome to stay until Monday morning to have some quality personal time at camp on Sunday evening.

Morning Program Leader (5-6 days):

Each morning our campers enjoy a full-camp program experience with an outside presenter. If you have a program topic you think campers might enjoy, apply to be a morning program leader! Programs are 75 minutes per day Monday – Friday. We will assist in purchasing any supplies needed for morning programs and providing supporting counselors each day. When not hosting their program, morning program leaders are encouraged to enjoy the camp community and surrounding areas at their leisure.

Kitchen (1 – 2 weeks):

It’s true, our kitchen relies on more than magic to make our incredible meals happen. If you are coming without any previous work experience we encourage you to apply to work as a dishwasher. If you have worked in professional kitchen settings before, consider applying to volunteer as a prep cook or working with our baker. We generally expect that kitchen volunteers are willing to work for at least one week.

Maintenance (1-2 weeks):

If getting dirty, lighting campfires, and sweating outside are your interests, consider volunteering on our maintenance crew. Some previous experience in carpentry or landscaping is strongly preferred but if you are open and willing to learn and work hard we are willing to teach crew members. Being willing to work for a stay of 1-2 weeks is expected.

Artist in Residence (1-2 weeks):

Must be at least 18 years old. For those with specialized skills in music production, theater, or visual arts, volunteer your time working at camp and offering a daily workshop to our campers. Artists in Residence offer a weekly workshop to campers which is a 75 minute commitment Monday – Friday and being willing to spend time helping out with supervision and other camp activities with campers throughout the day.

Program Staff (1-2 weeks):

Must be at least 18 years old. Volunteering for program staff can take many forms and is informed with a conversation with our Program Director. For staff alum it is possible to be a cabin counselor provided staff can commit to at least a full session. For other folks looking to volunteer for program staff we have workshops and one-shots that can be co-lead with our counselors as well as plenty of opportunities for activities supervision and community involvement.

Volunteer Application