Virtual One-Shots

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Programs for All Ages

Every Monday at 8pm!Virtual CampfireOur virtual campfires are available to all ages with no pre-registration needed. A link can be found on our website main page or on Facebook.

Programs for Youth

Date/TimeProgram NameProgram Description (Ages 13-17 unless otherwise listed)
Monday, June 1, 2pmI’m Bad at Art, But I Take RequestsAre you bad at art? Me too! I’ll be drawing in MSPaint (or a similar program) and you decide what I draw! Hosts: Jared, Elizabeth McP
Monday, June 1, 5pmAction for Racial JusticeOkay, so you’re mad? Let’s do something about it! We’re going to take some action for racial justice right from our own homes. This program is intended for white people to take action, but all voices are welcome and appreciated. We will be taking action in the one shot, giving suggestions for things to carry on with after it’s over, offering educational and reading materials, and also some discussion topics or thoughts to reflect on.Here’s the list of actions will use to start the conversation from and adding to:

Hosts: Carmen, Josie, Kris

Tuesday, June 2, 4pmUnirondack ZineAges 14-17! This is a weekly zine-making one shot and it’s lead by Luke, Teddy, Jesse, and Elizabeth!
Tuesday, June 2, 8pmGhost StoriesWe’ll be telling spoooooooky stories with flashlights and blanket forts! Build a blanket fort in your bedroom and join us for an evening of tall tales and ghost stories. Hosts: Becca, Robbie, Emerson Allen, Josie, Schuyler, Eli the Ghost For Ages 11 and up!
Wed. June 3, 2pmBook Club!Join us! This recurring program is a space to share and discuss our favorite short stories, poetry, and other art. Tell us what you’re reading right now. Whether it’s articles, books, magazines, or poetry, come and share with us what literature you’re in love with. Hosts: Josie, Schuyler, Robbie, Faith – Ages 13+
Wed. June 3, 4pmExploring Our Backyards Like Bear GryllsWe’ll be going on an adventurous adventure to find wildlife and overcome obstacles of the true backcountry – the backYARDcountry. Host: Emerson Allen, Robbie, Tilcara – Ages 13+
Thursday, June 4, 2pmFame, Fat, Fine!What is this? Could it be? Name that tune? NO SILLY!! we’re gonna recreate our fave vines and tiktoks! wooooOOOOO!!! Hosts: Faith & Lily – Ages 13-17
Thursday, June 4, 4pmWe Wanna See Your Cool StuffSince we’re all at home now, this is a rare opportunity to get to see each others’ cool stuff! Show us your art, your sentimental keepsakes, or anything else that you love! Host: Robbie – All ages!
Friday, June 5, 2pmBaking Check-In Cookies!Come on… you know that Unirondack has the best chocolate chip cookies in the world… well let’s bake them together! Hosts: Lily and Carmen – Ages 13+
Friday, June 5, 4pmAlphabet SoupAlphabet Soup is Unirondack’s weekly LGBTQ+ based discussion group. Topics are brought to the conversation by the campers/participants and staff help guide the discussion while allowing campers to take the lead. Hosts: Josie, Eli, Carmen – Ages 13-17

Programs for Adults 18+

Date6-7:15pmProgram Description (Ages 18 and up!)
Thursday May 7Mental Illness Discussion/ Care ClubThere is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. Those who may be struggling with their own mental illnesses or watching friends and family struggling are encouraged to join in this guided discussion of mental illness and the now nearly entirely isolated and quarantined world we find ourselves in. Host: Emerson Roberts & ElizabethMcFP