Theo Lowrey and campers in Unirondack’s recording studio

Unirondack’s New Recording Studio

At the end of last year, a per-chance thing happened that has changed camp’s program for the forseeable future. I sat down with Theo Lowrey, former camper and a counselor for the previous three summers. He said he loved his job but was looking for more and felt that he had talents that were being underutilized. I asked him to think of ways we could better meet his needs and told him I would do the same.

I had no idea at the time that the result of this conversation would be a brand new position of Director of the Arts and a full-fledged music recording studio at Unirondack. We took a big storage closet and gave Pete Howlett, our now famous camp wood guru, our idea. Unsurprisingly, he had actually built a recording studio before. With Pete to built the facility, Theo gave me a list of what he would need to make it all happen. The final impact has been unbelievable.

Theo recorded dozens of campers by the time the summer had ended. Over 75 tracks were recorded and mixed this summer, many of them original compositions from campers. Campers who might have otherwise been too nervous to perform their music on stage in front of an audience were given the privacy of a sound-proof studio and the support of Theo as their sound engineer. His talents and commitment to making this project a success cannot be understated. He frequently worked into the morning hours mixing tracks for campers fueled solely by love of the work. Perhaps just as exciting as recording campers this summer was when our older campers started becoming a part of the recording process. Seating them behind the mixing board and directing artists was a learning experience I never even knew we were capable of offering. It’s these type of learning opportunities that really excite me about running a camp like this and I have Theo and Pete to thank for making it all happen.

Looking forward I can say with the utmost confidence that we will be continuing the studio as a staple of Unirondack’s program. Theo has promised his return for the 2017 summer and we will be continuing to refine the studio for years to come.

If you are interested in hearing the talents of our campers that were recorded this summer, check them out at UNIRONDACK’S BANDCAMP PAGE. There are some older recordings from previous summers as well as 32 posted tracks from this year. The tracks range from solo originals, group covers, bands that were formed at camp, and silly songs. From the Barton Po(o)pstars to Ballou’s Studio Cats, the energy and enthusiasm speaks for itself.

All recordings are available for download and you are asked to pay what you wish for downloads. All money taken in goes to our Campership Fund to support campers who may have trouble affording to come to camp.