Summer Camp for Grownups

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Date & Cost

For Ages 18+

2019 Dates:

Sunday August 23 –Friday August 28, 2020

Regular Registration: $325
Includes all program materials, food, lodging, fees.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: summer camp for awesome people like you!

  • Art and making awesome things
  • Kayaks & canoes on a beautiful sparkly lake
  • Sitting on docks in the sunshine with a good book and a good friend
  • Campfire under the stars
  • Sharing delicious food with friends
  • Hikes in the Adirondacks
  • Big discussion about sex, social justice, modern dating, work, spirituality and more
  • Field games like capture the flag, slip and slide kickball, volleyball, and gaga
  • Sitting by the fire, reading, talking, and relaxing in the lodge
  • Old school camp craft projects
  • Lovely cabins (and hot showers!)
  • Loons and frogs and turtles and butterflies and chipmunks
  • Music: casual jam sessions or onsite studio recording
  • Naps. Hammocks. Naps in hammocks
  • rock climbing (with our certified instructor)
  • yoga
  • outdoor movies
  • late night kitchen snacking

You might work remotely or freelance or have some vaycay days or a flex schedule. I’d love to bring you to Unirondack and show you one of the best weeks: SUMMER CAMP STYLE!

If you have to work that week thats ok, we have wifi and quiet relaxing work spaces. The only difference is when you take a break from work you can look out at the lake, get a fresh cup of coffee and a snack that someone else made for you, and breathe in that beautiful camp air.

This week is meant for you to tailor to YOU. Want to run all day and be wild and play? Awesome! Want quiet thoughtful relaxation? Cool! Want both at different times in succession? Ok! We can do that.

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About programming:

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. During your time at Unirondack you’ll have the chance to spend time out at a 4-star Adirondack cliff located 15 minutes away from camp under the professional instruction of American Mountain Guide Association trained climbing instructor Kris Fiore. Whether you’ve never climbed in a gym or enjoy expert terrain, the cliffs at Eagle Falls have routes for all ability and experience levels.

Arts & Crafts for this week will be a combo of traditional summer camp favorites like friendship bracelets and woodcrafts, but will also include a some high level art opportunities like stained glass mosaics, pottery, jewelry making, weaving, and embroidery. We instruct all skill levels so everyone can try their hand, build their skills, and take home something beautiful! Art instruction by Elizabeth Bashur, owner of Little House, Big Art.

Get on the water! Take out a kayak or canoe, paddle around Beaver Lake and enjoy gorgeous sights with an Adirondack backdrop. Sail a sunfish, take a paddleboat out with a friend, or just go for a swim: Our waterfront is yours from sunup to sundown!