Unirondack’s Programs

Unirondack is proud to be the only UU Camp and Conference Center in the U.S. or Canada that is primarily a children’s camp. During the summer we offer seven week-long sessions for youth ages 9 through 18. Our program is rich in activities that are not only fun but encourage campers to become more confident and self-reflective. Many campers find that Unirondack quickly becomes the place in the world where they feel most at home.

We also offer an intergenerational Family Week in August. If your child is not yet comfortable with the idea of spending a week away at camp without you, our Family Week is a great way to introduce your child to Unirondack. It is also an opportunity for you to relax, enjoy activities with your family, and make new friends.

For those folks who cannot make it to a summer session (or just can’t get enough of Unirondack) we offer weekends and retreats during the Spring and Fall. A wonderful way to introduce yourself and your family to Unirondack is to attend one of our work weekends or a spring weekend program.


Unirondack believes that how we do things together is as important as what we do.The creative offerings crafted by our program staff engage campers and challenge them to grow. A mud fight can be an opportunity to discuss body image. A theater exercise can become a discussion of assumptions and prejudices. An art project can be a present shared at wish night.

We believe that the richest experiences emerge from a personal investment in the activity. Our campers make choices about what workshops to attend, are accepted and valued for what makes them unique, and participate actively in shaping our community through our daily camp council.

Unirondack is an opportunity for campers to find joy in everyday interactions with others. Silliness, taking risks by sharing a hidden talent, sharing the pleasure of a waterfall, a hike, or a cool swim after a game of ultimate frisbee or soccer, or sharing your favorite song at campfire are all opportunities for fun and appreciating each other.