Marie Beccue

Head Cook

Marie has managed kitchens and enjoyed cooking nourishing and delicious meals at several retreat centers, beginning in 2005 in France, for groups ranging from 20 to 120. An experienced administrator, she has worked in a retreat setting almost exclusively since 2014 and feels a particular, spontaneous aliveness when working with food and teaching others the basics of cooking.

This is her first season at Unirondack and she is excited to be working with our committed senior management team, and with Unirondack’s emphasis on sourcing meals from fresh, local ingredients. She enjoys adapting dishes from around the world for American palates, with equal appreciation for the value of “comfort food” for younger campers far away from home.

A native Californian, her other passions include words and languages, world travel, and listening for the clear, still voice at the center of the everything via Buddhist practice (meditation).