Local Directions from Lowville to Camp Unirondack:
(from Route 12 & River Street in Lowville)

  • In Lowville, turn east on River Street from Route 12.
  • Continue on River Street for 4 miles (it becomes Number Four Road).
  • After 4 miles take a left hand turn to continue on Number Four Road/Country Rd 26.
  • Stay on Number Four Road for 13.5 miles.
  • Turn right onto Stillwater Road (there is a sign for Unirondack here).
  • Continue 1.2 miles on Stillwater road until you see a colorful Unirondack mailbox on your right and the entrance to Unirondack will be on your left.

Note: our driveway as narrow and winding. Please drive slow and be prepared to back up to accommodate an oncoming car.

Unirondack GPS Coordinates:

N 43 degrees, 51′ (Minutes), 38.8 ” (Seconds) W 75 degrees, 9′ (minutes), 29.2″ (seconds)
NOTE: Some people have luck using these coordinates, some people don’t.

Public Transportation:

If you don’t have a vehicle, we can usually work out a shuttle from either the Syracuse or Utica public transit stations.

Shuttle Costs:

Round Trip$75$100

If you are interested in a shuttle for a weekend, email [email protected]
If you are interested in a shuttle for a summer session, email [email protected]

Choosing the right Amtrak train:

For summer campers wishing to book a train to camp, you must use the following trains which line up with our shuttle times.
NOTE: For an unaccompanied minor, you may need the name and phone number of the camp representative picking up your child. You can call us at (315) 376-6888 for this information.

To/From East of UnirondackTo/From West of Unirondack
Headed TO camp281 Empire Service arriving in Utica at 2:40pm448 Lake Shore Limited arriving in Utica at 12:15pm
Leaving FROM camp284 Empire Service departing Utica at 10:51am63 Maple Leaf departing Utica at 11:41am