Staff Orientation Week at Unirondack

Staff orientation week at Unirondack is an important time for our staff. It’s a time when staff learns about camp, gets to know each other and prepares for the Summer.

The 2017 Staff Orientation Week will take place:

Sat. June 23 – Sat. June 31, 2018
(Sunday, July 1 is the start of our first camp session).

Some of the things we do during staff orientation week are:

  • Staff development (group games, role-playing, discussions, etc.)
  • Staff training (child development, camp procedures, camp safety & health department rules, etc.)
  • First aid and CPR training
  • Lots of time getting to know each other
  • Activities such as staff campfires, games, swimming, etc, etc.
  • For counselors (program planning — ie: workshop, one-shot, evening program ideas and planning)
  • For kitchen staff (meal planning, kitchen preparation, prep-cook and dishwasher training, cooking for staff during the week)
  • For maintnance crew staff (project planning, preparation of camp facilities and grounds, training, use of tools, safety procedures)