For Staff

About the Unirondack Staff

Unirondack’s staff is a strong, committed team focusing on providing a program of fun, learning and growth for our campers. Our unending focus on acceptance lays the groundwork for how we treat campers in all respects. We’ve found that by creating a universally accepting place for campers to express themselves, we build a strong community that allows all people the space to feel safe and welcome. It is a the perfect catalyst for learning, fun, and deep reflection.

Unlike some camps, every single staff member is encouraged and expected to interact with campers and enhance their camp experience. From dishwashers, to prep cooks, to counselors and crew members, we all contribute to the camper experience equally.

Our counseling staff runs a wide variety of age-appropriate activities and workshops all summer and makes sure that there is always something for everyone. Our counselors come to Unirondack with a wide range of leadership skills and talents in music, theater, arts and crafts, photography, discussion leading, athletics, swimming, boating and wilderness skills. But what makes Unirondack stand out from other camps is the imagination and creativity that our counselors bring to all of our camp activities. The wider the range of skills our staff brings to the summer, the more ingenious our programs get.

Our kitchen staff provide more than just food. The kitchen is a place of giving and warmth. With a focus on local food and an organic menu whenever possible, we believe that food is a gift of love. There is something to be said about a kitchen that sees each and every meal as a chance to make the experience at camp a better one. That is the type of staff member we are looking for in our kitchen.

Our Maintenance Crew Chief and crew members make sure that Unirondack’s infrastructure is running smoothly and that the camp is a safe place to be. Doing more than just fix toilets, our crew often jumps in to programing directly. What would a Renaissance Faire be without a drawbridge? The crew adds a special touch to camp. Whether it be in the back-breaking labor of buildings and grounds maintenance or aiding in an evening program as a zany fictional character.

We believe that it is important to carry on Unirondack traditions but also to bring new ideas and influences into our community. Some of our staff members have spent many years as youth campers while others have never been to Unirondack before and have come to Unirondack from thousands of miles away to bring irreplaceable experiences to our camp.

Potential staff members are interviewed by our Directors and Program Director, references are checked and background checks are completed.

Once the hiring process is over, our staff communicates by email to share ideas and thoughts about the summer. One week before the start of the summer our staff attends an intense week-long pre-camp orientation, which emphasizes counseling skills, community building, safety procedures, and program planning. Many of our staff members are trained in CPR and first aid.

It is our staff that makes camp a memorable experience for our campers. One comment we hear often from parents is: “The Unirondack staff helped make my child’s stay at Unirondack an incredible one.” They do, and it is one of the principal reasons why Unirondack is so special. The entire staff works together to make this a reality.