Photo of Campers in Lodge

Places to Stay Near Camp

If you are dropping off or picking up your child from camp and would like to stay over in the area, here is a list of accommodations.

Stillwater Reservoir Hotels & Motels

Stillwater Motel & Restaurant (see photo above)
Simple but cozy hotel located above a very nice restaurant.
Continue for approximately 7 miles on Stillwater Road past camp. The hotel and reservoir is located at the end of Stillwater Road.

The Norridgewock Lodge
Located on an Island on Stillwater Reservoir.
A car ferry takes you and your car to the hotel access road.
Continue for approximately 7 miles on Stillwater Road past camp. The ferry to the hotel is located at the end of Stillwater Road. They also offer a 4-hour boat tour of Stillwater Reservoir and a boat taxi service to take you to Stillwater island camping sites.

Watertown Hotels

There are a number of chain hotels in Watertown, NY (which is a small city 45 minutes from camp). You can do a search for these hotels on the internet. Most of these hotels are near restaurants and near the Salmon Run Mall, which has a movie theater. There is also a nice zoo in Watertown.

Old Forge Area Hotels

There are also a number of hotels in the Old Forge, Big Moose, Eagle Bay tourist area of the Western Adirondacks.
About 1 hour from Lowville or 1 1/4 hours from Unirondack.

Other Hotels

Ridge View Motor Lodge
Route 12, Lowville (between Lowville and Watertown)
Between Lowville & Watertown (about 35-40 minutes from camp).

The Edge Hotel
3952 Route 12, Lyons Falls
Between Utica and Lowville (about 45 minutes from camp).


Stillwater Reservoir Camping
Stillwater Reservoir (Kayak or Canoe to Island Campsites).
Remote camping on islands on the reservoir and along the shoreline. You must have a Kayak or canoe to get to the islands.

Whitaker Park Campground
Whitaker Park Campground (minimal fee for camping).
Surrounded by farmland, Whitaker Park is home to an very nice gorge.
Glendale Road, Martinsburg
Slightly south of Lowville off Route 26.

B & Bs & Cottages

Cottages and Rooms (Thea Wolf)
On Number Four Road (2 miles from Camp on Beaver Lake)