Summer Camp Payment Info

Pay By Credit Card:

CLICK HERE To Pay By Credit Card during Registration

(Please note: We encourage you to pay by credit card rather than send us a check. There is no longer a fee to pay by credit card).

Mail Your Check

If you do need to mail us a check, here is our mailing info:
Sept 1 – June 20:
Mail Checks To: Unirondack, P.O. Box 963, Burlington VT 05402
June 21 – Aug 31:
Mail Checks To: Unirondack, 8722 Unirondack Road, Lowville, NY 13367
Checks should be payable to Unirondack in US funds.


A $200 deposit per week is due at time of registration.

We encourage you to pay by credit card rather than send us a check. If you do need to send us a check, please mail us your deposit within 2 weeks of registration. The $200 deposit reserves your child’s space in the session(s) you have registered for. If you prefer, payment in full at the time of registration is acceptable. Please pay in U.S. funds only. Please review our refund policy below.

Other Fees

Camp Store Deposit

A $25 non-refundable Camp Store credit is included in your registration fee. Campers may purchase T-shirts & sweatshirts, water bottles, snacks, beverages and useful items (like toothbrushes, stamps and batteries). Camp store is open once per day during “Free Time”. Camp store will also be open for parents during Saturday check-out time. You may purchase additional items (like T-Shirts & Sweatshirts for your child when you check your child out of camp).

Bus Shuttle Fee

Bus shuttle service is available for Ballou & Parker campers to or from the Utica Amtrak train station at beginning and/or end of the camp session. The Bus Shuttle fee is $40 each way per person or $75 round trip. Reservations and payments for the bus shuttle must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the camp session. Please send us an email to reserve a space. If your child is taking the train to/from camp, we suggest you make Amtrak reservations as early as possible and you must make reservations on the specific train(s) we are scheduled to meet. Please email us for train information.

Extra Day of Camp Fee

All camp sessions begin Sunday and end Saturday. If you need to drop your child off one day early (Saturday) if you are picking up another camper from a previous session that day, or one day late (Sunday) if you are dropping off another camper for a new session that day, the charge is $50 for the extra day of camp. Please do not sign up your child for an extra day of camp unless absolutely necessary. The extra day of camp is only intended to make it easier for parents who are driving long distances to drop off or pick up children from two different back-to-back camp sessions.

Late Pickup Fee

Pickup time is between 10am-12noon on the Saturday that ends a session. There is a $50 fee for picking up departing campers after 12 noon on Saturday.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

• Cancellations Before April 15: Full refund (including all deposits)
• Cancellations April 15 – May 31: Refund of total paid minus $200 unrefundable deposit per session
• Cancellations After May 31: No refunds given after May 31
NOTE: Unirondack reserves the right to send home, without refund, anyone who does not comply with their signed Community Compact or who endangers themselves or others.

Final Payment


We must receive the balance of your camp fees by May 1 (unless other arrangements are made). So make sure to mail your final payment 2 weeks before the May 1 deadline. NOTE: Payment in full can be made at the time of registration.

Payment Plans

If your financial situation requires that you spread out your payments in small increments over a period of time in order to pay for camp, please email us to set up a gradual payment plan. We can set up a payment plan that works best for you (as long as your final payment is completed by the start of the camp session).



Unirondack is committed to making camp available to everyone. Camperships are available to help families with limited financial resources who are unable to afford the full cost of a week of camp. Camperships are usually partial and based on financial need. The online Campership Application can be found in the “FORMS” pull down menu on the home page of our website. Campership Applications are due by April 15, but submission at the time registration is highly recommended. You will be contacted directly by our Campership Chairperson. Please click here for Campership Application. All information submitted on this form will remain confidential.

Summer Camp Forms

Youth Camp Medical Record

The Unirondack camper medical form is no longer downloadable from the Unirondack website. All camper health records are now managed by “CampDoc,” an online camp health record system.

After you register you’ll be emailed a link to CampDoc. On CampDoc you will be able create a medical profile for your child and, similar to the new registration program, you will be able to update the profile at any time. Your child’s medical information will be saved from year to year, which will make registration and medical info submission faster and easier in years to come!

We must receive all medical information by May 1 or you risk losing your spot. No camper will be allowed to stay at camp unless we have the required medical information. NOTE: A doctor’s visit is not required to fill out the medical form. If your child has special dietary or medical needs please contact us by email at the time of registration so that we can let you know if we can accommodate your child’s needs at camp.

NOTE: You will still need to download the required Community Compact and Permissions Form, print them out, sign them and attach them to your “Planning Center Online” records. There will be links to those 2 forms in the email you are sent after you register.


If you need to mail Your Permissions Form & Community Compact Forms:

Sept 1 – June 20:
Mail Forms To: Unirondack, P.O. Box 963, Burlington VT 05402
June 21 – Aug 31:
Mail Forms To: Unirondack, 8722 Unirondack Road, Lowville, NY 13367
Fax forms to:
866-929-2836 (year-round fax)
Email forms to:
[email protected] (year-round email)

Donations and Membership

If you are able to include a (tax-deductible) donation with your registration it will be greatly appreciated. In addition to your donation, we encourage you to become a member of Unirondack. Please click here to become a member of Unirondack.