In difficult economic times coming to camp is not always affordable for every family. Unirondack is committed to making camp available to everyone. Our goal is to turn no one away on the basis of financial need. Unirondack’s “Campership Fund” makes this possible.

Of course, we do ask that you exhaust other sources of support (your congregation, extended family members, social service agencies, an after school job, etc) prior to applying for a Unirondack Campership. Our Camperships are almost entirely funded by donations from the families of other campers, friends, alumni of Unirondack, and an occasional congregation. Each year we must raise enough to meet the needs of every family who needs assistance and many times we do not raise as much as we give out. This doesn’t stop us from offering camperships, but it does mean that we are spending our operating budget to make this happen.

After you apply online you may receive an email or phone call from our Board Member in charge of Camperships to discuss your family’s specific needs. Each Campership application we receive is treated on a case by case basis. The Campership awarded is highly dependent on your family’s individual situation. To accommodate as many campers as we can, Camperships serve to lower the cost of sending your child to camp and do not generally cover the full tuition amount.

Click here to fill out our online Campership Application.

NOTE: All information on your Campership Application and all information discussed over the phone remains confidential.

For those who would like to help another camper attend camp, you can add a campership amount to your registration form when registering your child for camp. Or you can CLICK HERE to donate to our Campership Fund. Turning no one away is an ambitious goal — a goal we cannot reach without your help.