Photo of Campers in Lodge

Dear Unirondack: I love you.
Unirondack means everything to me. I can’t wait to go each summer, even though I have only been a camper for two years. It is a place where anyone can express how they feel and who they are without being judged. I have met more friends there than I can count. Even the counselors are my best friends. I love the programs, games, and everything down to something as simple as the way we eat. Going to Unirondack is like mixing everything good in the world together, and topping it with the best camp experience anyone could ever have… This camp is organized to fit a camper’s needs, desires, and to fill a camper with the most original ideas anyone could think of in a camp experience. When people think of camp, they think camping in the woods, silly pranks, fun games, and waking up early. Unirondack has all of it, but in a Unitarian Universalist original way…”
I Love Uniorondack!!
—Love, Alison D., camper and friend

Camp Unirondack is unlike any other camp or, really, any other place I’ve ever been. The optimistic energy and inclusive community welcomes both Unitarian Universalists as well as others.The results of attending Camp Unirondack for several years are meeting some of my closest friends and learning about different things. The progressive conversation workshops and meetings such as Alphabet Soup, a discussion group devoted to conversations on sexuality, and the interesting workshops on how to be eco-friendly have positively helped me form my ideas and expand my knowledge. To be candid, Camp Unirondack is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of summer. I have countless and priceless memories from this small camp in the heart of the Adirondacks. Camp Unirondack has offered me all I could wish for — a place with a big heart and unique loving people.
—Jamie M.

Unirondack is not just simply a sleep-away camp, but an ideal as well. For the past ten summers of my life I have attended Unirondack. If not for Unirondack, I would not be as confident or as outgoing as I am today. It was Unirondack that instilled the basic Unitarian Universalist beliefs and principles in me, and not by preaching or worship, but by the community that is built there. It is a world all in its own, which is essentially a model of how the outside world we live in every day should work. It is a very special place in my heart as well as countless numbers of other people that I have known throughout the years. In addition to being an extremely loving and safe community, Unirondack has also been the reason many lifelong friendships have formed, not only in my life, but in many others’ as well. The people I have met at Unirondack will remain in my memory for what will most likely be my entire life. And in addition to the emotional aspect of Unirondack, there is of course the physical beauty that it holds. Unirondack has the most gorgeous scenery in the campgrounds, as well as all around the camp as well. All the buildings on camp have a rustic beauty to them that I have not found anywhere else in my seventeen years of life and travel. There is a certain sereneness and beauty that one would have to actually have seen first hand to truly know what I am talking about. Unirondack is, and has been a huge part of my life and I hope it will continue to live on and be able to be a huge part of future generations lives as well.
—Everett P.

I have been a camper at Unirondack for 3 years. Unirondack is like a second home to me, I feel like I can be myself more there than anywhere else in the world. Unirondack is such a loving and accepting place. It doesn’t matter how you are or what your background is there is a place for you at Unirondack. I remember the first day I got to camp, my parents had just left and I was feeling lost and started to feel sad. Within a few minutes some people that I had never met before came up and starting comforting me. I was surprised that these people were so nice to me, and caring, and they hadn’t even known me. I started to love Unirondack from that second on.
    One thing that makes Unirondack very special to me are the worships. I have attended two worships, each of them have been an amazing experience. One thing that makes Unirondack very special to me are the worships. I have attended two worships, each of them have been an amazing experience…
    Campfires are also very special to me at camp. They are very quiet and right before bed. Anybody can share anything that goes along with the theme. There is lots of singing and music and poem sharing. They are very soothing before we go to bed. Right at the end we sing the song “Shalom” and hug everybody goodnight. Campfires are so loving…
—Anna B.

Hey. Camp Unirondack is something that I can’t explain… I made new friends, and I felt like I had a family at this camp… I never had this experience in my life. I cry every night because I miss the staff and campers… I felt loved and wild. In a good way. I want my life to be like Camp Unirondack!!!!!
—Shalom, Indira L.