Unirondack is a special place — a community that allows you to be yourself while being part of something greater.

At Unirondack we really care what you have to say. Our counselors spend their days getting to know you during activities, meals and cabin time. Each afternoon we have a “Camp Council” where campers get to share their thoughts and feelings about camp and our community. Each evening we have a campfire where campers can share their poems, songs and stories. And of course, during the days we have a wide range of activities that you get to share with your friends and counselors and that let you express who you are and what you like to do.

At Unirondack everyone is a valuable member of our community. We are a safe place where you can be yourself. We welcome the nerdy, the creative, the free-spirited, the independent, the flamboyant, the hesitant, the shy, and the self-assured. We are a place where silliness is acceptable behavior.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be accepted for who you are and to be part of an incredible community of people, we encourage you to join us at Unirondack this Summer.