Photo of Campers in Lodge

Unirondack’s greatest strength is our community. As part of our extended family, you, our Unirondack Alumni, can contribute your time in many ways. For example, you can attend work weekends and plan fundraising events in your local fellowship. You can also contribute much needed funds to support our campership program or to improve our buildings and grounds. There are plenty of ways to continue to be part of our community and contribute to Unirondack’s mission.

There are some of the ways Unirondack Alumni can contribute to Unirondack:

Host A Fundraiser For Unirondack

Unirondack raises the funds we need to support our children, families and facilities through the concerted efforts of individuals like you. Fundraising for Unirondack is a personal act of caring, whether you are in a position to donate directly or to reach out to those who can afford to donate.

We are eager to help you plan fundraisers, seek donations of items that camp can use, and recruit people to donate skilled labor to camp. We welcome any other strategies you might have for raising money for Unirondack.

Among The Ideas You Might Consider Are:

• A fundraising/camper recruitment meal at your congregation
• A tag sale at your congregation or other special event

Become A Liaison

Unirondack uses a network of liaisons to keep us connected to the congregations in our regional Unitarian Universalist community. Liaisons maintain a Unirondack presence in their home churches, societies and fellowships in a variety of ways. A liaison might help arrange to have the Camp Director speak at his or her church. She or he might organize a fundraising dinner to benefit our campership program or capital improvement campaign. A liaison might encourage his or her congregation to lease the camp for a function or retreat. Liaisons are active and enthusiastic supporters of Unirondack’s goal of creating an intentional community that emphasizes the worth of each individual, a reverence for the natural world, and a search for excellence and personal growth.

If you have interest in becoming a Unirondack liaison in your congregation, please contact the Unirondack Directors at [email protected].

Make A Donation To Unirondack

You can choose where your donation goes:
• Camperships to support our commitment that no camper be turned away on the basis of financial need
• Capital improvements to maintain and update our beloved facility
• Foundation Drive to ensure that Unirondack has a solid fund reserve for year’s to come

You Can Also:

• Help find a donor who will match the donations of others
• Approach your employer to donate on behalf of your company
• Ask your employer to add Unirondack to the donors that the employees at your company can donate to through payroll deduction
• Approach people you know who love Unirondack and encourage them to donate to camp