Many people ask what things we need at Unirondack. This year we have many small things that are needed that will supply our summer volunteers with supplies they can use to complete tasks throughout the summer and we have our usual list of big wish list items. We expect some of these items are just lying around in your basement, and if they are… let us know!

When deciding on items to donate we do ask that folks think about the quality and sustainability of their gifts. This means we are looking for sturdy items, but it does not necessarily mean new! We like rugged things and often that actually means older models of things. For example, speakers built for concerts in the ’70s will be much more appropriate for camp than new speakers built for your home in 2020. Additionally, these items save landfill space and reduce the amount of newly produced goods in the world. Thanks!

**Items specifically for 2021**

  • Printer paper. We usually go through about 4 cases per summer!
  • Gallon jugs of anti-freeze. 12 are needed to close up camp.
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Black Sharpies – for everything…
  • Mod Podge, we usually go through about 10 containers per summer.
  • T20 and T25 star-drive drill bits
  • T20 and T25 Screws by the bucket at varying lengths.
  • Lumber – PT and non-PT 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10
  • Lumber – 30, 20-foot pressure treated 6×6 (For a new retaining wall)
  • 50-pound bags of flour (we use one every week!)
  • 50-pound bags of sugar (did you know check-in cookies use 22.5 cups of white and brown sugar a week?!)
  • Band-aids (bonus points for fun designs)

Skills and Other Services

Skills and other services are things you can offer Unirondack that require time and dedication instead of money.

• Testimonials – Were you a camper or staff member who was moved by a summer at camp? We’re always looking for 20 – 100 word testimonials we can use for promotional purposes.
• Photos – Do you have photos of camp we can use? Drop them here!
• Data Entry Skills: We’re looking for someone to help us organize our mailing list!
• Data Entry Skills: We’re looking for someone to help us organize our photos!
• Design/Drawing Skills: We’re currently looking for someone to help us with a few logos.
• Grantwriting: If you are familiar with Unirondack’s program and have grantwriting skills.
• App Development: We can’t say too much… but if you have these skills let us know!

Items for Work Tasks

Items for work tasks are supplies we need this summer to help us complete a project.

• Gallons of Anti-Freeze – For Closing Camp
• Painting Supplies (Rollers, trays, brushes)
• 9-volt batteries – Did you know we have more than 50 smoke detectors on camp??
• Needle-nosed pliers
• 4mm sheet plastic – For managing drainage areas around camp

Replacing Items

Things on this list are to replace aging or defunct items we have on camp.

• Wooden Dressers – For cabins
• Large Gatorade Coolers – For disposing drinks in the kitchen
• Sturdy Wooden Furniture – For Staff Housing areas
• Aluminum or Fiberglass Canoes
• Vintage Stereo Receiver (2) – To replace the stereo in the kitchen
• Vintage Stereo Speakers (4-6) – To replace the speakers in the kitchen
• Speaker Cables
• 1/4 inch instrument cables

Other Items

These are items that we would love to have. If you have a connection to any of these items, let us know!


• Black Sharpie Markers
• Golf Pencils
• New white T-shirts (Great for Tie-dye!)
• Firewood (Make sure not to cross state lines with firewood!)
• Young Trees! (White Pine and Red Maples preferred)


• Immersion Blender
• Chef’s Knives (2)
• Garcia Brand Bear Canisters (2)
• Office Style Water Cooler – To encourage healthy water drinking habits for our campers!
• Golf Cart/Gator/ATV – Something we can use to transport tools or individuals around camp.
• Gasoline Generator

Please email us at [email protected] for questions or inquiries.