–Information as of 4/1/2020–

It’s been a few weeks since our first update so we wanted to give you some information and details around our planning for 2020 as it pertains to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

As the waves of information continue to come in from medical professionals as well as our professional networks of camp leaders around the country we are working to prepare for the many different outcomes. While we are still waiting to make a call for this summer’s sessions, we want to at least share with you our plan for the next 45 days.

First and foremost we want to tell everyone that as much as we want to start this Spring season on time, we have no choice but to reschedule our QSA Weekend, Adult Paddling Adventure, and our inaugural Writer’s Retreat. This is obviously a great disappointment for our campers and saddens us to say, but we are already looking forward to ways we can make these weekends better in 2021 and hope you will consider joining us for them next spring!.As of now we are holding off on deciding on Family & Friend’s Weekend as it’s still seven weeks away and we will make that call by April 15.

Here is our anticipated timeline for the next 45 days:

April 15: Decide Family & Friends Weekend
May 1: Decide Young Adult, Men’s Weekend, and Women’s Weekend
May 15: Decide summer viability until Ballou*
July 1: Decide on Ballou 1 & 2
July 15: Decide on Family Camp and Adult Camp

*Should we be prevented from opening this summer our plan right now is to hold off on making a decision about Ballou camps. NYSDOH has already said they would be happy to work with us to make a partial summer happen if it is decided that camps can open mid-summer but because Ballou is our latest session and can be a camper’s last opportunity to experience camp, we will hold off on making any decisions until July.

Revised Refund Policy

In anticipation of the uncertainty and difficulty around planning for this summer, the board has revised our refund policy to the following:

  • Cancellations on or before May 15, 2020: Full refund
  • Cancellations due to direct COVID-19 Illness: Full refund
  • Should camp cancel: Full refund
  • Cancellation between May 15 – June 1: Refund minus deposit

The board welcomes feedback on this process and will be constantly reevaluating things as more information becomes available!

Every Monday at 8pm we will be hosting a Virtual Unirondack Campfire! Campfires are family friendly and are one hour long.


We have some EPIC virtual plans to keep you occupied and engaged this Spring so be on the lookout. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

———————— Information as of 3/19/2020 ————————–

Unirondack Family,

As we are sure you are all aware, many organizations and events are considering changes and adjustments due to COVID-19, a strain of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. We wanted to take this moment and reach out to the Unirondack community and assure everyone that we are keeping a close eye on the situation as things evolve.

Thanks to a strategically placed Unirondack employee (Lauren Hunt, Unirondack’s Executive Director) working with the New York City Council’s Health Committee, we are lucky to be well informed on the status of COVID-19 in New York State. Kris and Elizabeth are traveling home today from the American Camping Association Conference where all of the camping community is discussing best practices and sharing ideas about how to keep our campers safe and our camps strong.

We know that every day brings rapid changes to everyone’s short and long term plans. Our college age staff and camper alum are facing school closings and cancellations, and the constant news and social media updates are causing anxiety and stress. Through all of this uncertainty remember that your Unirondack family is always just a call, text, or email away. We may be geographically, spread out this time of year, but we’re always here for you.

Now is the time to reach out to your camp friends with reassurance, and to pay attention to facts. Let’s help interrupt the way that panic and racism seeps into the messaging that is all around us. Do good camp, and take good care.

We are a few months away from any in-person programming at Unirondack and feel confident that we will be able to open as planned, as best evidence does point to things being much improved by then. We will continue to monitor the situation over the next two months. Right now information is coming in faster than we can plan or process, so for now we will assess the facts as they become available. We are also obviously following any and all recommendations and requirements from New York State and the NYS Dept. of Health for any procedural changes when we do open.

We still have a little space left in our spring and summer programs. Don’t let the opportunity for time at Unirondack pass by. Additionally, should programs be cancelled due to mandates from other outside agencies, we will be offering a full refund for programs, so please don’t let that be a preventative concern.

A fun way to bring camp into your Coronavirus prevention is to sing Black Socks while you wash your hands for 20 seconds (with an extra round of the “not yet” part for full cleaning effect).

With Udack Love,
Lauren, Eliz, & Kris