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Unirondack’s New Dishwasher “Faithify” Campaign

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Anyone who has ever been to Unirondack knows that we spend every summer making little fixes to our aging dishwasher to get one more meal out of it. It has served us well but has also made the lives of our kitchen and KP crews less than wonderful on many an occasion, and has become more challenging with each passing year.

We have come to the time when we need to replace the dishwasher. And this time we need to do it with a new one, as the companies that have helped us maintain our aging machine have closed their doors and getting service on an aging machine is going to become difficult and very expensive.

A new dishwasher that meets our needs will cost between $10,000 and $14,000. We have launched a Faithify Campaign to raise all of it, but have set the goal at $10,000 because the campaign is “ALL OR NOTHING,” If we don’t reach our $10,000 goal in 60 days we will get nothing.

We need your help, and we need it urgently.

If we are so fortunate that the campaign exceeds the cost of the dishwasher, all monies will be used for other equally pressing facilities’ needs or our campership program. So don’t worry about donating too much. It is all needed and will all go towards camp’s needs.

To donate please visit

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