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Family & Individual Membership

• Friend of Zeke Membership: $1,000
• Supporter Membership: $500
• Family Membership: $125
• Individual Adult Membership: $75
• Student Membership: $35
• Young Adult Membership: $45 (post-college to age 30)
• Recent Ballou Alumni: $0 (complimentary 1-year membership)

CLICK HERE to Become a Member of Unirondack

NOTE: All Memberships are active for one year from Oct 1 – Sept 30 (the Unirondack fiscal year)

Unirondack membership is open to families of current campers and to camper and staff alumni. Membership is also open to anyone who wishes to help support Unirondack (whether they have attended camp or not). We urge you to become a member. In addition to supporting Unirondack and strengthening your connection to our community, membership has a number of benefits.

Becoming a Family or Adult Individual Member provides you with the following benefits:

• Members are invited to attend our 3-day Member’s Weekend

Our Member’s Weekend takes place Friday evening through Monday morning of Columbus Day Weekend. Family membership entitles you to bring your entire immediate family. To attend the weekend you must be a paid member by the end of July. Please note that space is limited, so we encourage you to register early. NOTE: There will be a $25 fee (for those over 5 yrs old) to cover food costs for the weekend.
CLICK HERE to register for the Member’s Weekend.

• Members can vote at our Annual Meeting

We hold our Annual Meeting on Saturday of the  Member’s Weekend (Columbus Day Weekend) at 2pm. Members can vote at our Annual Meeting and at any special meeting called by the corporation. We want your voice to be heard when we elect our board members, vote on changes to the bylaws, and make decisions regarding the future of Unirondack. Family and individual adult membership entitles you to one vote at our Annual Meeting.

• Members receive priority Summer Registration

Members receive priority summer registration from October 1 through December 31. That means that if a session is almost full, your registration will take precedence over a non-member’s registration during this period of time.

Of course, we know that the main reason you will want to be a member of Unirondack is because of what camp means to you.

NOTE TO CURRENT MEMBERS: If you are already a member, please note that membership dues notices will be sent in late September. Our hope is that you will renew your membership each year. Membership runs from October 1 until September 30 of the following year (the Unironadack fiscal year).