Photo of Campers in Lodge

Your Membership Helps Support Unirondack

Congregation Membership Fee: $150
Membership is valid Oct 1-Sept 30 (our fiscal year)


Unirondack Serves UU Youth & Families

If you are a UU congregation in the St. Lawrence District or a district adjacent to the St. Lawrence District, we encourage your congregation to join Unirondack. Unirondack has served UU congregations for over 50 years as a summer camp for our children, a place to gather, a welcoming and supportive community, and a vital resource for UUs throughout the region. By joining Unirondack you help support this valuable resource for UU youth and their families.

The Membership Process

In late October we will send your congregation an invitation to join Unirondack. Membership will run from October 1 until September 30 of the following year so we encourage your congregation to join in November. Please discuss joining Unirondack at your next board meeting.

Unirondack Annual Meeting

If you join, your congregation is urged to select two delegates to attend our Annual Meeting. The delegates will elect members of the Unirondack Board of Directors and vote on proposed bylaw changes. We hold our Annual Meeting during the Unirondack Member’s Weekend, which will takes place over Columbus Day weekend. CLICK HERE for more information about our Annual Meeting.

Membership Fee:

The cost for your Congregation to become a member of Unirondack is only $150. While the amount is minimal, the importance is not.

Where To Send Your Membership Fee

Please send a check for your dues today to: Unirondack, P.O. Box 7880, New York, NY 10116. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or call us at 845-675-9001.