Becoming a member of Unirondack is one way to support Unirondack and strengthen your connection to our community. It is a way of expressing your desire to support a place where UU values are lived— where acceptance, nurturing, and growth are a daily part of life.

Unirondack offers the following categories of Membership:

• Church Membership – $150
• Family Membership – $125
• Individual Adult Membership – $75
• Non-Voting Student Membership – $35 (Under 18 years old)
• Recent Ballou Alumni – $0 (complimentary 1-year membership)
• Young Adult Membership – $45 (post-college to age 30)

Member Benefits:

• Attend the annual meeting and any special meeting called by the corporation.
• Members can nominate Board members, vote on bylaw changes and vote on new Board members.
• Members can serve on subcommittees or task forces as established by the Board.

Membership Year:

• Membership runs from October 1 to September 30 of the following year, mirroring Unirondack’s fiscal year.

Please join today!

Recurring Membership

One-time Membership